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The Association
for the
Advancement of
Australian Culture

The Association for the Advancement of Australian Culture was formed in 1995, with the purpose of promoting and furthering Australia's culture and way of life. This website was created as an educational centre to offer cultural resources and reference points to those with an interest in the culture of our native land.

The current contents of this website are a starting point only, and it is intended to expand the content on an ongoing basis.

Browse through the pages here, enjoy the richness of Australia, and create your own cultural contributions out there in the real world!

Cook takes possession of New South Wales
From the official log of Lieutenant Cook (later Captain Cook), 1770

Governor Phillip reports on the settling of Australia
Governor Phillip reports to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Lord Sydney, 1788

Fighting for Freedom and Independence
The story of the Eureka Rebellion of 1854

The Prospectus of the Miners' Protective League
The Miners' Protective League was established in 1861, following the Lambing Flat Rebellion

The Clunes riot
An account of the riot against the attempt to bring "scabs" into the mining industry in Clunes, 1873

Letters from Ned Kelly:
The Cameron Letter, December 1878
The Jerilderie Letter, February 1879
The Parkes Letter, March 1879

Poems about Ned Kelly:
The Kelly Country, by Edward Harrington
The Kellys, author unknown

Revolutionaries and Racists - Australian Socialists and the Problem of Racism
On William Lane, the issue of race in Australian Socialism, and the radical Boomerang newspaper, 1887-1889

The Barcaldine Strike Leaders
A contemporary article regarding the arrests of unionists during great Shearers' Strikes of 1891

Extracts from Australia's Awakening
A tribute to bush unionism, and the political significance of the Australian Workers' Union, by W.G. Spence, 1909

A contemporary newspaper report by Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, May 1915

Birth of the Lang Plan
Jack Lang on his plan to save Australia from debt in 1931

Why I Fight
The preface to Jack Lang's 1934 book

Kokoda Remembered
Memories of the Kokoda campaign, centred around the men of the 39th Battalion, 1941-1943

Japanese submarines shell Sydney and Newcastle
A World War Two newspaper article following a Japanese attack, June 1942

Kokoda Recaptured
A contemporary newspaper article, November 1942

Exmouth Gulf bombed
A contemporary newspaper report, May 1943

The O'Keefe case
Controversy over the White Australia Policy: Arthur Calwell in Federal Parliament, 9 February 1949

Editorial defends Australia's immigration policy
A newspaper editorial explains that the White Australia Policy was not founded upon notions of racial superiority, 31 May 1949

Additional documents

Repressive Laws in Australia 1868 - 1989
An extract from The Nature of State Power, 1996

The Labor Party And White Australia: Part One: Labor Parliamentarians 1901-1935
(by Kevin McCauley, Sydney, June 2001)
The Labor Party And White Australia: Part Two: Labor Leaders And Premiers Of Queensland And New South Wales
(by Kevin McCauley, Sydney, February 2002)
The Labor Party And White Australia: Part Three: Labor's Federal Leaders From Watson To Hughes 1901-1916
(by Kevin McCauley, Sydney, August 2002)
The Labor Party And White Australia: Part Four: Labor's Federal Leaders From Tudor To Calwell 1916 - 1967
(by Kevin McCauley, Sydney, February 2003)
The Labor Party And White Australia: Part Five: How 'White Australia' Defeated William Morris Hughes Over Conscription In 1916
(by Kevin McCauley, Sydney 2004)

Art of Australia

A selection of Australian poetry

Prominent people of Australian History
A selection of people, and iconic legends, of Australian history


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